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ZAppSvr v2.50

A new version of ZAppSvr will be released soon! At just $99 this package comes with two server licenses. This development suite and server pays for itself the first time you use it. If you need to deliver feature rich projects on time, you need this great product. Build solid, faster and more powerful multithreaded web service solutions easily.

Increased speed, easier management, application monitoring, and numerous other improvements make an already great solution even better! We are adding application notes to help you get your application up and running without tedious delay and long learning curves.

Documentation on the site is being upgraded and this new version is going to be a big hit for serious developers. Release is scheduled for July-August.

ZCachePro v2.04

A perfect match for the stability and power of ZAppSvr, ZCache offers stellar database performance that is simple to implement. High-speed data access featuring hundreds of concurrent connections with access times in micro-seconds.. Turn your database application iinto a speed demon and do it quickly.

Easy implementation, ZCache instance monitoring and numerous other features speed up development and allow you to manage resources easily. No need to add complexity to get the performance you dream about! Get FAST fast. Serious applications need serious tools like ZCache.

This new version release is going to be ready for the May 3rd release of ZAppSvr.

ZCache - Database Acceleration
ZAppSvr - Load Balancing Application Server
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